Video: Workin’ At the Car Wash

…or at least that’s what this bizarre yet impressive obstacle reminds us of.

Much in the same way I wonder if I’ll ever run out of insane videos to share with you on Horse Nation, I also wonder if we’ll ever max out on crazy obstacles to display how bombproof and well-broke our horses are. Then I remember that those things go hand-in-hand, and where there are horsepeople, incredible horses and someone armed with a smartphone, there will be an endless supply of such videos.

Like today, for example. Check out this mule named Daisy and her total circus that appears to fluster her not one bit:

Daisy's new whip????????????????????????????

Posted by Makenna Sladky on Friday, August 11, 2017

Let’s catalog real quick everything that’s going on here:

  • Daisy’s being pulled on a sled, towed by a tractor
  • There’s a giant wheel that was once perhaps a big fan, bedecked with pool noodles
  • The giant wheel with the pool noodles is spinning around
  • The tractor tows Daisy on her sled right through the whipping pool noodles

“NBD,” says this wonderful mule. Daisy, you’re a champion. Go riding!

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