World Equestrian Brands HC: Don’t Look Down…

How adventurous are you feeling today?

If you don’t love heights, you might want to skip this one! Ride along on a precipitous Colorado mountain trail with a rock face on one side and quite a drop-off on the other. If this trail doesn’t give you faith in your sure-footed trail horse, we’re not sure what will!

We appreciate that this videographer didn’t even attempt to play it cool: “I’m sweating bullets.” Hey, no need to act tough when you’re facing a trail like that!

According to the video description, the videographer and her riding companion rode out of Winding River Resort in Colorado, which provides both commercial trail riding and camping opportunities for horse owners to make base camp and ride into adjacent Rocky Mountain National Park.

There’s no better way we can think of to view America’s public lands than from the back of a horse! Go riding.

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