12 Horses That Look Like No Other

No two are alike!

We see stars, stripes, and snips daily – but every now and then something happens genetically to create a unique and individual marking that stands out amongst the crowd. Check out these super interesting and unusual reader-submitted markings!

Gray with a black blaze, just another reason to drool over a cute gray! Photo provided by Jessie MacWhistle

This off-kilter star makes this horse even more adorable. Photo provided by Jordan Jones.

Not only are the dapples on this gray ADORABLE- but check it out. The spot towards the rear is in a shape of a gingerbread man! Photo provided by Layne Shaffer.


Fashion forward white eyeliner makes this pony pop. Photo provided by Kayla Dianne.

Dark Star Diva and her unusual blaze/reverse star combo. Photo provided by Megan Russell.

Retired racehorse Vilao has quite the crooked blaze. Photo provided by Claire Jazbec.

Speaking of unusual blazes….this one is WAY off the mark. Photo provided by Caroline Ritter.

This thoroughbred is aptly named Unusual Asset. Photo provided by Lynn Sullivan.

This handsome foal sports the unique ‘badger face’ marking. Photo provided by Lauren Webb.

You can’t help but ohhhh and ahhhh over this handsome guy’s interesting marking. Photo provided by Katelyn Ludington.

Common in Arabians, this horse sports what is commonly referred to as a ‘bloody shoulder.’ The history behind the mythology of this marking is worth the research. Named for its typical location on the shoulder, this horse sports the marking near its rear. Photo provided by Melanie Champ.

Last but not least, this horse (aptly named Phantom) appears to have an incomplete marking with the clean edge of the one sided blaze. Photo provided by Julia Withoff.

These photos prove that horses are beautiful each in their own way. Does your horse have an unusual marking? Share your photos in the comments!

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