Video: #MondayMotivation

Need a little motivation to get your week started? We know the feeling.

Mondays are rough. There’s nothing like a Monday to remind you how impossible it feels sometimes to go to work, take care of your horse, be a good friend, keep your household fed and clothed and the house relatively clean and exercise appropriately. (Seriously, how is one person supposed to do all of these things??)

So we totally understand if you need a little motivation to get your week started off in a productive, sane manner. We’ll let this guy and his fleet of ponies be your spirit guide.

This is Pierre Fleury, a French liberty trainer and horseman who performs with his Highland ponies. He’s collaborated in the past with the likes of Santi Serra Camps and is known for his two-, four- and six-horse performances. And clearly he’s serious about making sure everyone stays in shape!

Learn more about Pierre Fleury on his website and Facebook page.

Go take on your Monday like a Highland pony. And go riding!

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