#TBT: Your Horse’s Fear of Puddles Was Right

Okay, you win this one, Sprinkles. But I’m sticking to my guns on leaves and plastic bags.

We’ve all been there. It’s been raining cats and dogs, but the clouds have parted enough to squeeze in a 20 minute ride, and you don’t care how much mud you’ll have to curry off or how much laundry you’ll be doing later, you’re getting in a flat work session if it kills you. You get the horse clean, tack up, mount up, and have to cross one measly puddle to get to the promised land, and someone starts snorting like a hog in heat.


“It’s a damn puddle, it’s two inches deep, you literally won’t even get your fetlocks wet, GO ON.”

“I CAN’T.”



Twenty minutes later, either you’ve convinced old Henry to take a massive, jarring leap of faith, lunged him over it from the safety of the muddy edge, or gone all the way around and dismantled a corner of your arena to make a new gate. You get back on, and it starts to rain.

This perfectly summarizes a vast portion of my horse life.

Of course, new evidence has surfaced which suggests that we will never, ever win that battle with our mounts ever again if they catch wind of it — let’s hope this picture never makes it to the Horse Internet.

Alana Ranck of Winter Garden, Florida posted the following photo on the Facebook group OTTB CONNECT – NO HORSE SALES earlier this week, to the hilarity of literally anyone who has ever ridden a horse.

As Alana says in her photo caption, “Just thought I’d share the most interesting part of morning chores ???? gotta love Florida.” Oh Florida, it’s true. We do love you.

The comments on the photo are every bit as good:

“Is that what they call a water hazard?”

“So, have you named him and made up his stall card yet? ????????????”

“You can make a nice inlay for a halter or bridle.”

“Is this what the horses have been warning us about all this time?”

You shall feed him and love him and call him Boots 

OTTB CONNECT – NO HORSE SALES is a sea of great conversation about everything Thoroughbred-related, so definitely check out their group! And maybe trade tips on Alligator prevention, management, and desensitization.

Go Alligators, Go Thoroughbreds and Go Riding!

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