Thursday Video: THIS Is How to Unload Hay

Bucking hay on the hottest day of the summer is a time-honored equestrian tradition… but that doesn’t mean we can’t sneak a peek at this ultimate work saver.

Believe you me — I believe firmly that every horse person should have to put up hay at least once in their lifetime, just to appreciate the struggle. It’s always the same story: somehow, it’s the hottest, most humid day of the summer and you’ve got four or five fully-loaded hay wagons to be packed into the loft. You know you’ll end the day sweaty, stinky, sore and covered in a myriad of tiny little hay cuts with chaff stuff to places you didn’t even know existed… but you’ll be satisfied.

OR. You could be like these folks. We’re not sure if we’re impressed or a little mad… maybe both, in equal parts. THIS, my friends, is how to unload hay.

It’s… it’s just so beautiful. We don’t even care that no one is sweaty or swearing, layered in a fine patina of hay chaff and weariness. This magical delivery is a true thing of beauty.

Go throw hay. And go riding!

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