Tuesday Video: Bandit’s Best Friend

Now I’ve truly seen everything.

You know in the movies where the bandit (or the good guy) gets captured or kidnapped and tied up, and the heroic horse turns up to engineer his daring escape in truly cheesy yet endearing fashion?

Step aside, Hollywood, because we’ve found the real deal. In the extraordinarily unlikely chance that you’re ever tied up and left in a stall, this horse has got your back. (Actually, it looks more like he’s got your front, but you know what we mean.)

And here I am thinking it’s cute when my horse is able to pick up his own feed pan and whack me in the shoulder with it. We can only imagine how much of a chore it must be to keep this horse occupied — heck, even to keep this horse in a stall or pasture! With dexterity like this, is there anything that can keep this guy contained?

Go riding.

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