Thursday Video: Miss Pickles In the Bath

Have mini, will bathe in kitchen sink… apparently.

If your significant other or family complains about horse hair and mud and manure smells coming into the house on your clothing, feel free to show them this video to demonstrate what they COULD be experiencing.

Who knew a mini foal would fit so perfectly in a kitchen sink? And when you think about the logistics of this process, the kitchen sink actually makes a lot of sense: who wants to break their back leaning all the way over to scrub a miniature foal?

Meet “Miss Pickles”:


According to Miss Pickles’ breeder Twisted B Minis, this little lady is getting her first bath so that she can receive a body clip and help cool off this summer.

It looks like Miss Pickles might have a bit of a sassy streak as well — but then again, when you’re this cute and small, we’re pretty sure you’re allowed to get away with whatever you want:

We hope that all of Miss Pickles’ newfound fame doesn’t go right to her little noggin… but who could blame her?

Go riding!

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