Photo Challenge: No Flies on These 13 Horses

If your horse requires a ton of anti-fly, anti-sun gear to stay happy in the summer, these readers feel your pain.

Ah, the noble horse… sometimes, even the noblest of creatures needs a little help keeping their cool, from sun gear to fly gear (and in many cases, both). Here are 13 reader-submitted horses all decked out for the best/worst that summer has to offer.

My ASB gelding’s “Dork Gear.” He sunburns so badly this helps his nose! Nag Horse Ranch custom made it for him. Photo by Sarah Crego.

It is difficult finding draft sized fly gear, but we manage! This is Fergie the percheron. Photo by Kelsey Quack.

The twinzies Bentley and Tinkerbell. Photo by Priscilla Ponte.

With his brother/ mini BFF. Photo by Ashley Briana Eve.

Roberts fly outfit – fashionable and effective. Photo by Sarah Jutz.

Scooter has sweet itch so she spends the summer months covered from nose to tail. Photo by Anita Kennedy.

Mekaela McKanna: ou can all most hear my appy thinking “I’m getting to old for this silliness” I took this picture of my two ponies after getting dressed up for a buggy day.

Finn is unimpressed, but I think he secretly likes his little pink booties. Photo by Maria Casey.

Poor Curtis and his mismatched turnout gear. Looks like a gullygalloh lol #horsenation

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I put a rope across the door to keep nosey horses out…fail!

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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