World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: A Lovely Pair

I’d definitely give them points for manners, way of going and cohesion as a team.

While I don’t think the horse has anything to be nervous about with regards to being totally replaced by the camel any time soon, it’s hard to deny that the humble camel is in fact a pretty versatile character: they’re ridden, they’re raced, and who can forget the great dressage camel performance that goes viral every few years?

And, as it turns out, camels also drive. Historically speaking, in the desert climates that camels call home, they were the one-stop shop in terms of draft power, so in days gone by it would not have been unusual to see a camel or a camel team pulling a load. These days, however… well, we’ll just let you enjoy this quick driver’s-bench perspective.

Hey, at least from here, they seem to have a nice lofty trot and they certainly seem completely unfazed by hauling this cart down the road. Not saying that we’re going to be trading in our own teams for a pair of matched camels any time soon, but then again, you never know.

Go driving!

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