SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: The Equine Neurological Exam

Have you ever seen an equine neurological exam performed? Dr. Andy Kaneps of Kaneps Equine walks us through the process courtesy of our friends at SmartPak.

SmartPak‘s ever-expanding library of videos are produced with the end goal of educating horse owners about horse care and horse health, ranging from product reviews to answering fan-submitted questions to unpacking a more complicated process for interested horse owners.

This latest video, featuring Dr. Andy Kaneps of Kaneps Equine, falls into the latter category — have you ever seen an equine neurological exam performed? Are you curious about what the veterinarian is looking for and what kind of tests he or she will be performing? Dr. Kaneps breaks down the procedure and describes the tests, the process and why every step is so important.

This video is a great reminder that you should always consult a veterinarian for diagnosing a health issue with your horse! There are plenty of subtleties and fine details that come together to form the overall picture of your horse’s health, and making a diagnosis is definitely something best left to the trained professional.

Have your own experience with the equine neurological exam? Describe what you learned in the comments section!

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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