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A follow-up report to TheraPony’s ’30 Geldings in 30 Days.’

Photo courtesy of TheraPony.

We first introduced readers to TheraPony and its 30 Geldings in 30 Days program in April of this year. The small volunteer-run 501(c)(3) horse rescue is based in Ramona, California, and the concept of offering 30 at-home geldings in the month of April turned out to be a huge success — the creative idea not only offered castration to owners who might be hard-pressed to afford the procedure but gave the treated horses a better chance of avoiding rescue in the first place.

For its work in creating the 30 Geldings in 30 Days program, TheraPony was awarded the grand prize of $25,000 as part of the ASPCA’s Help a Horse Day celebration throughout the month of April, out of over 170 rescues and charities nation-wide. Co-founder Anika Russell states that winning “validates years of hard work. I am so proud of our little rescue and looking forward to doing even more to help our community.”

Co-founder Lana Russell thanked the following organizations: “Mylestone Equine Rescue and New Jersey and San Diego Horse Coalition for stepping up and supporting this campaign. Both organizations provide community support programs, on opposite sides of the country. I’d also like to recognize the following sponsors, without whom this program wouldn’t be possible: Unwanted Horse Coalition, FarmVet,, Harmel’s Helping Hands Equine Massage, our dedicated veterinarians at Exact Equine in Lakeside, CA, and our trainer Pete Spates of Natural Responses Horsemanship. Special thank you goes out to our community and Ramona Chamber of Commerce for their support of our organization and Help A Horse Day Celebration.”

Photo courtesy of TheraPony.

The awarded funds have several beneficiary projects in mind: part will be set aside for next year’s gelding campaign, which is already in the planning stages. TheraPony will also launch its Community Support Program with part of the ASPCA grant. Several big-ticket items that have always been beyond reach are now well within the budget, and TheraPony is making plans to get “the most bang for their buck.”

For more information about TheraPony, visit the organization’s Facebook page or website.

Many thanks thanks to Ovation Riding for their support of both Horse Nation and individuals and organizations that are doing good work in the horse world. If you know someone who deserves a Standing Ovation, we would love to recognize them in a future post. Email the name of the person or organization along with a message about the good work they do to [email protected]. Photos/videos are always welcome, and include a link to their website if applicable.

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