Thursday Video: Every Photo, Every Time

Look familiar to anyone else?

One of the biggest struggles of the modern-day equestrian is how to get the horse to look cute for a photo. Whether you’re updating your Snapchat story or working on your latest Instagram selfie masterpiece, no one likes it when their horse is embodying a half-asleep moose that could pass for someone’s backyard donkey instead of the bright-eyed dream steed you know he’s capable of impersonating if only he would pick up his gosh-darn ears.

For all of us who have fought in the trenches with the picture-dance, the dirt flinging, the hat wringing, the towel throwing and every other trick in the photographer’s book… this one’s for you.

Yes, yes, we know all about the All Ears app. But sometimes isn’t it also okay to embrace the struggle and know that you’re not alone out there in equestrian-land?

Go riding.

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