Video: The Most Polite Begging Ever

Buddy, you’re so cute, we’ll give you anything you want.

How do some barns get so lucky? When I get a beggar, I usually end up with the one that’s banging on the gate, pawing a hole in the ground, kicking the barn door and then chasing all of the other horses around the paddock in rage as I’m trying to hustle out with an uneven stack of feed pans as quickly as possible.

This barn, on the other hand, ends up not only with the world’s most adorable, dapply little gray, but also the cutest, most polite and quiet beggar in the history of horsekind. I mean, how could you not spoil this guy?

Little gray horse, we hope you get everything your horsey heart desires. We know ours just melted.

Go riding!

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