Photo Challenge, Part I

For readers who interpreted our prompt one way…

Usually our weekly photo challenges are pretty straightforward: show us your best braid jobs, your favorite barn skies, your holiday decorations, etc. This week, however, our prompt must have left the challenge open to interpretation, since we got two sets of photos submitted!

Here’s the original prompt:

And here are this week’s submitted photos who ran with the “accidental hilarity” line. These were too good not to share! (We’ll have Part II later this afternoon, featuring a totally different interpretation…)

Rachel Eldred: Guess which one is the mare? Photo by Sarah Eldred.

Tried to take a nice selfie with my mare…Ended up with this instead. Photo by Danielle Keating.

I can hardly ever get a normal picture of my boy. Photo by Nicole Thomas.

Just a love tap! Photo by Renee Scucci.

Haley Turner: Photo by Calli Pope

Emi and Robbie
Photo by Jenni Lee Birch

I tried to capture their bromance and instead got the beauty and majesty of the thoroughbred. Photo by Amie Fonder.

Lynn Howland: She’s dancing by herself.
Photo by Brian Howland

“Shake it off”
By Jaimie Hamsmith

Just cleaning the new horse’s stall. George did not approve. Photo by Miranda Pierson

Alyssa Garie: Submitting for Erin Marie who lost her 4-legged child, Kokomo, one week ago. Kokomo was a well loved sassy princess as evidenced in this “mare just don’t care” glamour shot. Photo by Sometimes Y Photography, Barbie Bahnsen Scott

Almost a perfect selfie. Photo by Sarah Jutz

Trying to take a photo of the two of us and he decided to try to eat the phone. Photo by Anna Armes

Shaking off so hard that your ears disappear! Photo by Sara Frick

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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