World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Hilbre Island

Perfect scenario: a totally empty beach other than you and your best riding buddy with nothing but miles to run.

My beach riding experience is limited to a single amble down the narrow sand on Grand Cayman’s protected seashore, so this wide-open tidal expanse around Hilbre Island looks like a whole different form of paradise. The Hilbre archipelago lies at the mouth of the River Dee between England and Wales, providing plenty of space for intrepid individuals to explore as the islands house no permanent residents.

These riders appear to be working down the coastal beach of the mainland (the parts of the video where you can see houses and roads!) as well as exploring the uninhabited beaches of Hilbre Island, which can be accessed by foot during low tide.

Check out this beachy gallop via drone cam:

The world is ready to be explored by horseback! Where are you heading next?

Go riding!

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