3x Mounted Shooting Champ Appears on SYTYCD

Yes, we DO think he can dance.

I once had a riding instructor tell me that belly dancers make great riders. The ability to isolate the movement of your hips from the movement of your upper body is key to being an effective rider and belly dancers have this specific skill in spades.  “Shoulders like a princess and hips like a harlot,” is the popular saying shouted at riders around the world who are trying to learn to sit the trot and canter.

While belly dancers have what it takes to make great riders, it turns out that riders also have what it takes to make great belly dancers as Cody Ostrenga, three time mounted shooting champion, demonstrated on this week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

Cody traded in his chaps for a jangly hip scarf and showed the world that he can dance beautifully even without an equine partner. The performance, showed off skillful hip rolls and shimmies while Cody embodied the joy he so clearly takes in his dancing.

Unfortunately Cody didn’t make it to the next round due to concerns that his lack of versatility might hold him back. Cody’s spirit and infectious personality made him easy to root for, so I’m hoping he’ll continue training and try again next year.

Go Cody, and go riding!

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