Thursday Video: If You’ve Got An Itch…

…then go ahead and scratch it, especially if someone helpfully leaves a police car in your pasture.

Horses will be horses, and if they decide they’ve got an itch, you better believe they’re going to find a way to scratch it. When said horses live in a beautifully groomed pasture with nary a shrub or conveniently-placed fencepost to soothe those itches, horses will take advantage of the first thing that comes along.

That seems to be the case with this duo of goofballs, who took advantage of a police car temporarily parked in their field in the Netherlands. According to the video translation, police were investigating a helicopter that had made an emergency landing and parked their car in this field… bet they weren’t expecting to find this.

Horses, keep on being your best selves and living your best life. If you’ve got an itch, you go ahead and scratch it.

Go riding!

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