10 Patriotic Horses Celebrating Flag Day

There’s something about the sight of a horse and rider bearing the flag that makes our spirits soar.

Who hasn’t experienced a rush of emotion at the sight of a horse and rider carrying the flag? On Flag Day, we decided it was only fitting to gather up a gallery of our favorite flag horses to honor the red, white and blue.

Flag Day commemorates the formal adoption of the United States Flag by resolution of the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777. Fun fact: the earliest reference to a “Flag Day” was in 1861, when a man named George Morris (sadly no, not “our” George Morris) in Hartford, Connecticut first suggested a day to honor the flag.

Here’s how we honor the flag in the equestrian world:

Saturday night, NRV horse show

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Best. Day. Ever. Pc: @joewilkes

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Love my boy! ??❤️ #Playboy #barrelhorse #flaghorse #hesarockstar

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First time I ever carried a flag, I'm an ol pro ??? #thatsme #grandentry #flaghorse

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#happyveteransday #kyhorsepark #morganhorse #breedsbarn #flaghorse

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Go riding!

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