Tuesday Video: Filly Is a Big Talker

Maybe this is akin to a toddler following you around asking “Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom?”

One of the things we love about foals is watching them figure things out for the first time: first time wobbling around on those ridiculously long legs, first time tasting grass, first time figuring out that the paddock is fun, first time meeting a new foal friend…

This little filly is perhaps learning how to use her voice for the first time, and it’s equally adorable as all of the other foal rites of passage we just listed:

“Lola” hails from Bayfield Stud dressage breeders in Guildford, Great Britain. Breeder Caroline Cooper commented on the video: “I wasn’t planning on breeding a talker… more emphasis on the fabulous paces, soundness and temperament but it appears we have speech as well!

Indeed. With Lola becoming an internet sensation, we’re sure plenty of horse lovers will be following her career with interest.

Go riding!

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