Your Turn: The Inaugural Creede Pack Burro Race

Inspired by last week’s piece about the sport of pack burro racing, HN reader Helen Bird trekked to Creede, Colorado for the inaugural 10-mile Creede Donkey Dash and shares her report here.

Last week, we introduced you to the sport of pack burro racing: perfect for long-distance trail runners who want to incorporate a little equine touch and living history into their workout, pack burro racing consists of a 10 (or many more!) mile trail run with your favorite burro of any size, outfitted with a pack saddle including a few mandatory mining tools.

HN reader Helen Bird, intrigued by the concept of pack burro racing, was inspired to head to Creede, Colorado for the inaugural 10-mile Creede Donkey Dash pack burro race, and graciously shared her report with us!

From Helen:

All photos by Helen Bird.

I crossed the 10,856 foot Wolf Creek mountain pass and drove almost three hours each way to go watch the burro races in Creede. What a hoot. It was a gorgeous day, a light breeze at 8852′ and wonderful views with happy, fun people. There were about 50 entrants in the 10 mile race. As a crowd, we got to see them start and go 5 or 6 blocks before they disappeared into the box canyon.

An hour and a half later this fellow won the race:

I added a photo of this guy, just because he was really cute.

​In the meantime we were entertained by Baby Burro races….

and the Mustache/Beard Competition….

​Unfortunately I had to leave before the drama was to occur in which the Mayor of Creede, who also doubles as the cook at The Dog House, was possibly going to be shot in the re-enactment of ye olde mining days in Creede. He was quite entertaining as the cook so he was probably great in his role in the Creede drama.

I also missed out on the cake, it was decimated by the time I found it. I did sign the birthday card for the 125 year old town of Creede. It was about 6′ tall with a super painting of the town on it and we were to sign in all the white spots.

My #DogsofHN and #DogsofEN Hody and Groot were riveted. And the burros were loved. I actually spoke to this 9th place finisher and asked how the burros were trained as they were not breathing hard AT ALL. He said he had no idea because he borrowed her!​

​All in all, if you ever get the chance to go to one of these or one of the burro pack races, DO IT! A very entertaining amusing fun day.

Thanks for the report, Helen! Go pack burro racing… and go riding.

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