To the Special Horse in Your Life on National Best Friend Day

Thank you for making me whole again.

Illustrated with special moments by readers from our #horsenation tag on Instagram!

I have lots of friends. Friends from all different stages of my life who have gone through life changing scenarios with me and I will always be thankful for them. But on this National Best Friend Day, I cannot help but to think about my horse.

When it comes to that special horse in your life, it is obvious they check off all of the requirements for best friend status.

Think about it:

Best friends make memories with each other. Whether you are traveling around the world or just hanging out at home, you always find a way to laugh and smile when your best friend is around.

Best friends don’t care what you say, what you wear, or what goofy things that you do (like trot around on foot and jump the course set up on the arena like you’re a grand prix horse…).

Best friends will have a fight here and there, but you will always make amends. And when you do, it is like you the fight never happened because you love each other so much.

Best friends give their all to each other. If there is a goal, they strive to reach it. If there is a challenge, they fight to overcome it.

Best friends know what you’re thinking without ever having to say it. It is like they are in sync with you, they can tell by your body language what you need to have a good day.

Best friends don’t just complete one another, they complement one another. One is strong where the other might be weak. One is brave while the other might be afraid. Your differences bring the best out of each other and make you better as a whole.

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When I think about all of those things and more, it is apparent that my horse is one of my best friends.

While our relationship has its challenges, he never disappoints me. He lifted me up from one of my deepest, darkest points and made me feel good again. He taught me to focus, to be patient, to laugh at the little things, and to just breathe. He made me whole again.

Our horses give us so much that we often take for granted. When I think of my other best friends, my horse fits right in with them.

So here is to the horses that truly are one of our best friends. Happy National Best Friends Day to you, my four legged friend. Thank you for being you.

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