Thursday Video: Summer Horse Pleasures

Kids love running through the sprinkler… horses love standing in it.

Summer is unofficially here (we’re on the Fourth of July side of Memorial Day, after all) and some parts of the States are already feeling some serious summertime temperatures. The warm season brings with it plenty of little pleasures for equestrians: long trail rides, going on swims, watching the sun go down between your horse’s ears, filling up your show schedule with all the competitions you want to hit this year, enjoying the fact that your extremities aren’t freezing and you can ride until 9 at night or later with natural light…

Our horses’ lists of good things about summer are just as long, but perhaps a little simpler: plenty of good fresh grass to eat, warm sun and cool wind, shade trees, and of course — the sprinkler.

Watch these horses at Montgomery Creek Ranch, a wild horse and burro sanctuary, enjoying the mist (or full on spray) from the pasture sprinkler on a warm summer afternoon:

If that doesn’t put you in a peaceful mood for the rest of the day, we don’t know what will. There are few things better than watching horses happily grazing and enjoying a few creature comforts.

Go riding!

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