Tuesday Video: Need For Speed Starts Young

Sorry, kid, I think that pony is maxed out.

Remember that feeling when those rapidly-running little pony hoofbeats and bouncy stride made you feel like you were racing the wind? (Rather than the modern day, where any mention of galloping a pony makes your blood run cold, because you too have learned that ponies are the worst.)

This kid is living that dream… and working that pony for every ounce of speed he’s got in his tiny legs.

Turn up the volume for maximum adorableness: you don’t want to miss the pep talk from three-year-old rider to pony.

Shout-out to mom (we presume) for cantering alongside to film this masterpiece. Small pony wrangler, we will look for you in the pony jumpers in a few years (or maybe the hurdles? Hard to predict now).

Go ponies. And go riding.

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