Video: The Most Tolerant Sales Horse Ever

The folks at Brookby Heights International are not immune to the woes of horse sales and after a request for video that proved a horse was good with children, they went above and beyond to prove a point.

As equestrians, we are not oblivious to the frustrations that come along while selling a horse. Despite having a perfectly written ad, people still seem to ask questions clearly answered in the description and the unusual requests for photos and videos are endless.

UNICORN ALERT: Nouveau Heights, aka Pumba, is officially the most bomb proof horse in the world. Despite hula hoops haphazardly tossed in the air, children scampering around the arena on foot and on a dirt bike, and a very scary incident with someone popping out of a window, Pumba trod along like it was another day in paradise.

According to the video description:

“Ok guys, the joys of selling horses. I keep being asked if this horse is “good with children” the last person asked for “a video” ??? So I have checked just incase I had accidentally advertised her in the “nannies looking for work” section. I haven’t. Anyway, today Nouveau Heights, aka Pumba humoured us…. no children or horses were harmed in the making of this video… surprisingly…”

Make sure your volume is up for this one.

Seriously, this horse is a saint. Jumping courses and standing still amongst the commotion, I could only pray that my horse would find a fraction of Pumba’s sanity at one point in his life. If this video doesn’t sell this horse then there is no hope for the rest of us.

“We are just stoked there are more people in the world who our sense of humor,” the crew at Brookby Heights told HN. “There are only two emotions that get you anywhere with horses: patience and a good sense of humor.”

It is obvious in Pumba’s tolerant attitude they use both of those emotions to their advantage while training horses. The video, which is making waves amongst the equestrian community, is just a friendly reminder of the time and effort that is put into a well made horse and the perfect sale video.

Now excuse me while I calculate the cost of sending my Joey off to New Zealand to spend some time with the Brookby Heights team….

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