SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: If Horses Could Text, Episode 2

Logistics of using a touch screen with those hooves aside, this latest video series from SmartPak makes me REALLY glad my horses don’t know how to text.

I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing that I had some sort of hotline into what my horses were doing or thinking or needing at any point during the day while I’m at work. Imagine the peace of mind we could achieve in knowing they were happy, healthy and comfortable at any given moment. Basically, it would be great if our horses could text.

Except, as Sara and Sarah of SmartPak point out, it would actually be kind of the worst. Enjoy Episode 2 of SmartPak’s latest series, “If Horses Could Text.”

Thanks, SmartPak, for showing us the light. Let’s be careful what we wish for.

For more videos — both entertaining and educational — check out SmartPak’s YouTube channel!

Go SmartPak, and go riding.

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