Video: Trail Riding Level: Expert

I consider it a good day if we make it back in one piece, but this guy is taking things to a whole different level.

These days, it’s not enough to just go for a nice relaxing trail ride in the woods… no, the cool kids have got to show off all of their special tricks with their totally broke-to-death horses who can canter along like nobody’s business.

These special tricks include but are not limited to:

  • vaulting
  • jumping rope
  • juggling — at both the trot AND the Spanish walk

Because, you know, these are critical life skills. Anyway, just check out the video.

For all of us who consider it an accomplishment to simply not get whacked in the face by a branch or trip over a log or fall in a creek, I’ll be leading a basic trail ride at 2 and we’ll be meeting over there. Everyone else can go hang out with this guy and his magical Friesian.

Go riding! (Or juggling, or jumping rope…)

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