World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Cal Crush Clydesdales & Restored Mining Wagons

Driving horses keeps history alive — and Cal Crush Clydesdales went one step further by hooking to restored copper mining wagons. We’ve got the scoop and the drone cam footage!

Cal Crush Clydesdales is an eight-horse team of matching bays, owned by California Rock Crusher Corp. and based in Ripon, California. The team travels all over the state for fairs and expositions, serving as a bit of living tradition and outreach to the public for the beauty and strength of draft horses.

Driving a horse brings history back to life — especially when you hook to an antique vehicle! Cal Crush Clydesdales acquired two copper mining wagons, built in Copperopolis, California during the heyday of copper mining in the 1860s. Expertly restored by J W Schut Wagonmaster, the wagons are rolling again hooked to a beautiful team, likely for the first time in 120 years.

Watch this beautiful team bring the copper mining wagons back to life via drone cam:

Imagine these wagons full of copper ore being drawn through the hills of California by horses or mules. We’re happy that Cal Crush Clydesdales gave these pieces of history another chance to shine!

Go driving!

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