SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Birthday Cake!

Have a special day to commemorate with an important horse in your life? Check out this video recipe from SmartPak for equine birthday cake!

Nothing says “birthday” (or Gotcha Day, or happy retirement, or many more occasions) like CAKE! If you have something to celebrate with a special horse or two in your life, SmartPak — as always — has the solution: an easy, wholesome equine cake recipe that uses common ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen such as oatmeal, molasses and fruit.

Watch the video, download a free recipe card and link to plenty of other SmartPak-in-the-kitchen recipe videos here:

Yum! With natural ingredients and made from love, we’re sure no one would judge you for sampling a little bit of Blaze or Starlight’s cake yourself…

Go celebrate, go SmartPak and go riding!

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