Thursday Vid: Puppies & A Pony In a Hammock

For those days that have you wishing it was time for a little vacation, we’ve got the video cure.

Thursday: we’ve made it this far, people. For anyone else who’s thinking this week has somehow drug on forever, here’s a little pick-me-up: just some puppies and a pony chilling out in a gently-swaying hammock. Because what else do you need to remind you every now and then to just take it slow, kick back and relax with the ones you love?


We don’t know anything about the origin of this video — who are these ponies? Where did these puppies come from? Where are we? How on earth did they even get into the hammock?? — and for once, we’re totally okay just riding that mellow vibe and not asking any of these questions.

Go riding.

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