World Equestrian Brands Bucket Cam (Yes, You Read That Right)

Introducing our first-ever (and probably last ever) Bucket Cam, presented by World Equestrian Brands. Check out this unique view of your favorite animals!

Wednesday morning is usually reserved for our Helmet Cam series (with an occasional Drone Cam thrown in there for good measure) but today we’re trying something a little bit different. This video includes bees, birds, a rabbit and a steer in addition to a charming burro, but we’re confident you won’t mind your equine sharing some screen time for such a unique piece.

According to the video description, John Wells of Terlingua, Texas decided to see what he would capture on video by hiding a camera at the bottom of a bucket of water set out in the scrub near his place of work. As you can see for yourself, plenty of animals took advantage of the free drinks.

(And don’t worry, the drowning bees were rescued.)

This is certainly a unique view of how animals drink — the burro, of course, is the most familiar to all of us with horses but the chickens in particular entertain me over and over again.

Go riding!

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