Tuesday Video: Sombrero Ranch Horse Drive

Ever wondered what it looks and sounds like to have a herd of 400+ horses trot by you? Wonder no longer.

Comfortably tucked away here on the East Coast, we forget sometimes that horsekeeping in the expansive spaces of the American West can be on occasion another thing entirely. Here’s a prime example: if you’ve got over 400 horses to move from winter pasture to your summer guest ranch and a wide-open 60 miles between them, you ain’t gonna run out and start hooking up the slant-load trailer.

For Sombrero Ranches of Colorado, the Great American Horse Drive is part critical ranch task, part tourist attraction: riders from all over the world reserve their spots to ride on the drive to help move the ranches’ huge herd of horses from winter grounds to the summer ranch. The route of the drive historically goes right down the center of the town of Maybell, Colorado, where eager visitors line the streets to watch the horses thunder by.

The 2017 drive took place this past weekend: turn up your volume for the full experience!

Sombrero Ranches offers trail riding experiences at multiple locations around Colorado, including the beautiful Estes Park. For more information about Sombrero Ranches, visit the ranch website.

Go riding!

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