SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Go Bug-Free

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The springtime we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, and for most of us that means plenty of great weather for riding, longer days at the barn and making summer plans for shows and trail rides. But if you’ve got a bug-sensitive horse, this might be one of your least favorite times of the year: head-tossing, pacing the fencelines, constant stomping, reactions to bites and changes in behavior might be driving you crazy this spring. And just think about how your horse feels!

SmartPak offers a number of equine insect control supplements — and with its Equinox 365 program, you can save 25% every month!

It’s pretty simple — during bug season, your horse will receive SmartBug-Off Ultra in his 28-day SmartPaks; when colder weather arrives, SmartPak will automatically switch the SmartBug-Off Ultra for SmartOmega 3 Ultra to help replace nutrients your horse is no longer getting when he comes off of pasture. You don’t need to do anything different — SmartPak will take care of the change for you, and apply a 25% discount every month!

SmartBug-Off Ultra includes apple cider vinegar, garlic and brewer’s yeast to deter biting insects, as well as omega 3 fatty acids and MSM for healthy skin and immune response. The supplement also includes diatomaceous earth, which dissuades insects from breeding in manure.

Want to enroll in Equinox 365? Click here to get started!

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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