Tuesday Video: Revolving Tack Room Wall

This nifty setup is going to blow your mind.

One of the more frustrating, if minor, inconveniences of western life is the struggle to fit yourself and a big western saddle sideways through a tack room door. It’s all fine and well if you can carry a graceful armload of tack like an English rider, but try balancing your big saddle on your hip and take a couple of side-shuffling steps to bang your way through the door without getting hooked on a hinge or crashing right into the frame.

If you’ve got the wall space, however, here’s a neat solution that just might blow your mind this morning:

How cool is that?? All you need is room for the wall to revolve (this particular setup still has a ton of space available in the tack room you can glimpse in revolutions) and presto, you’ve got your entire selection easily accessible for you to tack up without all the struggle.

Go riding!

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