Video: Panda the Miniature Guide Horse

Meet Panda, a miniature guide horse aiding her legally blind human!

Miniature horses might not be the most useful for things like trail riding… but they’re certainly pretty versatile as working animals. Minis have been proving their aptitude as guide animals for the vision impaired, and this video is a great demonstration of a guide horse at work:

Guide dogs are certainly the most common working aide animal, but miniature horses are proving that they can handle the same job. Miniature horses can also live much longer than a dog — so one human/horse relationship could last decades, improving the partnership and forming a strong bond.

Miniature horses trained through the Guide Horse Foundation are given rigorous pre-screening exams, including an intelligence test and a stringent veterinary exam. Selected horses go through basic and advanced training. Handlers also go through extensive training, including equine care. Guide horses are not recommended for urban dwellers.

Go miniature horses! And go riding.

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