Photo Challenge: The Noble Horse… In Candid Moments

He’s beauty and he’s grace… and yet he’s also totally capable of making some incredibly derpy faces. Enjoy this week’s reader-submitted photo challenge of the noble horse in his less-noble moments.

“The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man,” said Winston Churchill. While he probably meant that the beautiful, noble, powerful, graceful appearance of a horse in splendor is an uplifting, comforting, inspiring sight for all of humankind, we’d also like to think he meant that horses caught in a “derp” moment were good for a belly-laugh, and who doesn’t need one of those every now and then? Behold, the derpiest 44 horses of Horse Nation as submitted by our readers for this week’s photo challenge.

My pony Rocky!! Photo by Alycia Skye Barton.

Halfdan just can’t help himself. Photo by Holly Bridgewater-Robinson.

The boys wanted their cookies for not taking their fly masks off in the pasture. Photo by Loryn Utech.

Thunder, enjoying a shake a little too much. Photo by Anita Reyes.

Bandit. Photo by Sara Perkins.

Cash starring in Bocephus the Wonder Horse. Photo by Michelle Burt.

Photo by Anne Ross Stone.

Photo by Steph Côté

It’s so hard standing after a workout. Photo by Kimberly Reese.

Derpy kissy face with Scooter. Photo by Anita Kennedy.

Got this as she was shaking after a roll. Photo by Wesley Schroeder.

Tina M Johnson: My horse Sampson and my daughter Willow. Photo by Scott Knudsen.

My Arab, Al’ain Oasis. He had a long day. Photo by Heidi Cladyne Barrett.

Shim. Photo by Michaela Larson.

Horse and rider selfie. Photo by Tiff Victoria.

I… I don’t even know… he just kept doing this over and over. Photo by Ainsley Jacobs.

Jackie Schultz DeSpirito: Well this one is easy. Our one-and-only recognized show. Yeah. So far… Photo by Laine Ashker.

Photo by Kristi Gottsponer.

How do you pick just one??? Callie’s middle name is derp! Photos by Hope Carlin.

One of our Tennessee walkers Nika. Photo by Sahvannah Johnson.

Two goofy geldings…Young Maximus learned not to mess with mommy crazy chestnut Sullivan! Photo by Haley Brakefield.

Chevy. Extremely unhappy and surprised that something has been added to his grain… Photo by Arean Srock.

Ransom trying to hog the camera. Photo by Emily Brickey.

Tala and Ace . Photo by Meisja Wagner

Danielle Thibault: Photo by Sidney Patton.

This guy. Does this when he is bored. Licks the side of his face. Dufus!! Photo by Cath Anney.

Bailey playing with me in the paddock. Photo by Melissa Rodgers.

After an awesome dressage test! Tired, silly boy. Photo by Becca Brown.

Leia being graceful. Photo by Kate Feudo.

Bentley. Photo by Kati Mayer.

Maximus Prime. Photo by Leslie Tripp.

Pete looking to the sky. Photo by Apryl Attwood Thomas.

Photo by Dylan Masri.

The derp is strong within this one. Photo by Rose Albrecht.

Photo by Sara Slater.

Hi my name is Pistol and I’m kind of a dork, treats just fall right out of my mouth sometimes. Photo by Hailey Longstreth.

Betty Blanton: Joy is my girl. Photo by Becky Blanton.

Photo by Natalie Claire Mine

Golly she's majestic. #maremoth #horsenation #derp

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What you get when you try to take pictures of your horse while she stuffs her face ?❤️? #horsenation

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I think he's broken… ? #horsenation #horsesofinstagram #friesian #morganhorse #whathappened

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Life's hard when you're turned out! #horsenation #go_riding

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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