Fantasy Farm Thursday: Your Own $5 Million Virginia Equestrian Facility

If I bought this, I would refer to it as “Wellington North.”

For some, a fantasy farm is about a quiet little equine getaway with all the trimmings. For others, it’s a mid-size barn for you and a few friends within sight of the ocean. But for another subset of horse people with a truly deep, troubling addiction and a desire to see the world burn, the real equine real estate fantasy is a massive, show-ready, banquet-ready, WEDDING-ready equestrian center, where you’ll have everything you always wanted and also never get a restful night’s sleep again.

If this is your flavor of self-loathing, we found you just the thing:

On 138 acres of rolling Virginia hills sits “The Historic Inn at Kelly’s Ford:” part B&B, part horse show venue, part restaurant and 100% work. Luxurious? Absolutely. Beautiful? Mos Def. Profitable? Unlike much of the horse world, I imagine this one probably is. Crap ton of work? I’m going with yes.

But if you’re up for all that, you’ll be taking on quite a looker: A full historic bed and breakfast with a commercial-grade kitchen, a picturesque barn in marvelous condition with dozens of stalls and beautifully appointed tack rooms, feed rooms, and common areas as well as more banquet and catering space in the barn.

Screenshot via YouTube.

There is a full size indoor arena, outdoor arena, roundpen, and of course access to trails all around.

Better yet, if you’re a real glutton for punishment, it’s less than an hour from Washington DC, so you can expect to host hundreds of politicians, lawyers and lobbyist gatherings each year. SIGN. ME. UP.

This little gem can be yours for the current listing price of a cool $5 million. Find out more at the original listing here.

Go Riding.

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