World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: XC Training Level with EN’s Sally Spickard

What’s more fun than going for a Training round at a good gallop? Riding along with someone you know! Eventing Nation’s Sally Spickard brings us along for a round aboard her “Mischief Managed.”

Lest you worry that we at Nation Media are a bunch of crazy cat ladies who spend all day in a dark room hunched over our keyboards surrounded by horse posters, fret not — we’re a bunch of crazy horse ladies who do spend a portion of our day hunched over our keyboards but also find plenty of time to spend in the saddle too.

Case in point: ride along over Copper Meadows’ Training cross-country course with EN/HN staff writer Sally Spickard and her developing horse “Mischief Managed” (Harry Potter fans, you’ve found your people):

Copper Meadows in Ramona, California hosts several recognized horse trials and events during the year, as well as plenty of unrecognized single-day events in its Sun Series, perfect for bringing along developing horses and building confidence in both horse and rider.

Thanks for bringing us along for the ride, Sally!

Go riding!

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