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Patrice Delaveau and Carinjo Hdc won the inaugural JumpingClash Challenge in Antwerp, Belgium on Friday! We’ve got the scoop on the pair’s performance and the competition format.

Screen shot via YouTube.

Described by our sister site Jumper Nation as “like March Madness, only something you actually care about,” the innovative JumpingClash Challenge may serve as a transitional format to help bring in new fans to the sport of show jumping. Held at the CSI5* level on Friday night in Antwerp, Belgium, the JumpingClash Challenge pitted riders head-to-head in a bracket model, with the loser of each paired round eliminated while winners move on to the next round.

But not just any riders: day one of the competition is a qualifying round, with the top four riders qualifying as challengers. The challengers face off against the top four seeded riders, based on FEI rankings. In Antwerp, that meant challengers took on none other than Daniel Deusser, Christian Ahlmann, Eric Lamaze and Simon Delestre. The four challengers based on last Wednesday night’s qualifying round were Italy’s Emanuele Guadiano, Belgium’s Constant Van Paesschen, Brazil’s Pedro Veniss and France’s Patrice Delaveau.

Much to the crowd’s delight, the first quarter-final round saw all four challengers best the seeded leaders, both by rails and by time. The semi-final of Veniss vs. Guadiano ended with Guadiano victorious by only .4 seconds; Delaveau edged out Van Paesschen and the final round was on.

With Guadiano taking down a rail, the competition was wide open for Delaveau to win, and a fast, clear round gave France the win in the JumpingClash Challenge (and netted Delaveau a BMW to boot):

We hope to see more of this unique competition format in the future! With a bracket system, the JumpingClash Challenge might be a great way to gain more show jumping fans and introduce more people to the world of equestrian sport.

Go riding!

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