Thursday Video: Why Is Winx the Best?

With seventeen consecutive victories to her name, Australian racing mare Winx is considered one of the best in the world. What’s the formula to that success? Dr. David Evans breaks it down.

There are plenty of physical characteristics that make for a winning racehorse — but what parts come together to make a whole that’s widely regarded as the greatest racehorse in the world? That’s the question that Dr. David Evans, an equine exercise physiologist, seeks to answer in this CNN video by taking a look at Winx, who is riding a seventeen-race winning streak with earnings of over $12 million (Australian). She’s considered the best turf horse in the world, and the Southern Hemisphere hasn’t found anyone in recent years who can beat her.

Take it away, Dr. Evans:


Conformation, bloodlines, training and a gritty desire to win have all come together in a powerhouse package that is Winx. Where will her career take her next?

Go Winx! And go riding.

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