Video: Horse vs. Gator

This video has blown up the internet in the past 24 hours, and for good reason — watch this horse attack an alligator in Paynes Prairie in Florida!

This is definitely something you wouldn’t see every day — a wild horse in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in Florida, near Gainesville, chases and attacks an alligator before the eyes of some concerned tourists. The gator gets in a few return punches of his own, appearing to bite the horse who trots off looking relatively sound.

Wild horses do defend their territory when they percieve a threat, especially to protect foals. From this brief clip, we assume this horse noticed the alligator lurking a little too close for comfort and went on the offensive.

Small bands of wild Florida Cracker horses roam in Paynes Prairie Preserve, a 21,000-acre park and US Landmark. The park is also home to plenty of other wildlife in its savannah environment, from alligators to hundreds of species of birds. Re-introduced bison also call Paynes Prairie home in limited numbers.

Feedback to this video on social media has been varied, with some viewers concerned for both the “seemingly unprovoked” attack on the alligator and the well-being of the horse, while others point out that their own horses are comically frightened by things like plastic bags and their own shadows. Horses, man. Gotta love ’em.

Go riding!

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