World Equestrian Brands HC: Spruce Meadows

What do Spruce Meadows’ famous bank, water and Devil’s Dike look like from the rider’s point of view? You’re about to find out!

Few venues in show jumping are as iconic as Alberta, Canada’s Spruce Meadows — the wide, sweeping grass arena looks like a wonderland dotted with colorful jumps as picnickers watch from the slope; the notorious and iconic bank and Devil’s Dike are always thrilling crowd-pleasers in the Derby, a true test of the mettle of horse and rider.

Today we get the opportunity to ride the Nexen Derby of 2011 at Spruce Meadows, to whet our appetites for the summer jumping season yet to come. Saddle up with John Anderson and Terrific, and hang on tight!

We don’t blame Anderson for being a little out of breath after that round — what a marathon of a course, not to mention the wet-your-pants factor of that bank! The view from up top sure is epic though…

Go riding!

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