#TBT: Why Horses Are Better Than Boyfriends and/or Girlfriends

No, we don’t really mean that… but Meagan DeLisle does make a pretty good case.

We have probably all seen a meme along the lines of why horses are better significant others than real people. We smile, we laugh, we share it to our walls — because it’s cute! But have you ever sat down and thought about it?

You can safely take them home to meet mom and dad.

Depending on your horse you might have the nerdy guy with a promising future, the resident bad boy of the barn, the sweet southern lady, or the athletic superstar — but no matter what you will always be proud to take them home to meet the parents!

And why stop with just the parents? Let them meet the extended family as well! Joey’s first time meeting my MiMi, Aunt Candy, and Great Aunt Sandra. He made quite the impression by keeping me IN the saddle the entire show weekend… Photo by Maddy Jemison

Horses release endorphins.

And in the words of Elle Woods “endorphins make you happy, and happy people don’t kill people.” If you’re a struggling adult amateur like me, just getting through a day without envisioning yourself strangling a person on the highway, at work, or even your own husband (…love you, Wayne) is a success in itself. Horses make you happy and we all need a little happy in our life.

The smile says it all, folks! Photo by Emily Peters

When you fight, you are able to make amends quickly.

Seriously, Joey might tick me off once or twice during our rides but when we are back in the barn he is always shoving his face in my chest and begging for forgiveness (or attention… not quite sure which at this point). How can you stay mad at that adorable face? And if you are lucky enough to have a horse who is eager to learn, you most likely wont have that fight again.

They love kids.

Girls are always talking about how cute boys are with kids, or guys are always Instagramming photos of their girlfriends holding someone else’s baby with tags like #futuremommy, but ummm, hellooooo, have you seen my horse with children? I have seen so many horses be complete jerks to their riders but the minute a kid walks in the barn, they know it’s time to be serious.

I think it is important that I clarify here that I am talking about horses and not ponies, because as we all know ponies = Satan.

Joey might have his moments where he shows his wilder side, but the minute a child walks into the barn he becomes a completely different horse… I think he associates the tiny humans with cookies and therefore is on his best behavior. Photo by Jamie McDowell

All your secrets are safe and sound.

Pretty self-explanatory. Horses can’t talk so your secrets have never been safer.

They let you do all the talking.

See above.

“My what big ears you have Joey…”
“All the better to hear your endless babbling about Grand Prix dreams and drinking wine with…”
Photo by Meagan DeLisle

Horses become your best friend.

Between spending a lot of time together, experiencing highs and lows with one another, and taking on new challenges side by side, it’s no wonder we build such strong bonds with horses. Despite a huge communication barrier, we work together to build a friendship on trust and earned affection. We may have to work a little harder at it, but once you establish that relationship you will be┬áthe best of friends.

Your relationship will last a lifetime.

Even if life leads you apart, you will always hold them dear and I promise they don’t forget you either. Horses are pretty awesome like that.

I recently saw my old horse, Lance, at a show and to my surprise when I walked into his stall and said his name, he still nickered at me like he used to. And of course I immediately burst into tears and he turned away from me with grumpy ears as if to say, “Oh great, the over-emotional one is back.”
Photo by Kellie Holman

Go riding.

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