Best of JN: Must-See Moments From WEF

Until next year, Winter Equestrian Festival!

In the bitter cold of the depths of winter, there is a magical place to which we can all drift away and daydream of riding six-figure warmbloods, watching show jumping superstars under the palm trees, and spend a small fortune in the vendor area. With spring upon us, we don’t need the Winter Equestrian Festival as much as we did, but we’re no less sorry to see it go.

Get one last glimpse of top competition at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, courtesy of our on-site Florida photographer extraordinaire, Dominique Gonzalez!

IMG_2715 IMG_2472 IMG_2555 IMG_2414 IMG_2757 IMG_2790 IMG_2794 IMG_2563 IMG_2409 IMG_2384 IMG_2380 IMG_2343 IMG_2309 IMG_2302 IMG_2291 IMG_2275 IMG_2267 IMG_2263 IMG_2249 IMG_2029 IMG_2025 IMG_2023 IMG_1900 IMG_1879 IMG_1875 IMG_1870 IMG_1868

Thank you for joining us for coverage from the winter season at WEF, and Go Jumping!

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