Fantasy Farm Thursday: Born in a Barn

And that is definitely not a bad thing.

I’ve never understood WHY exactly it’s bad to be born in a barn anyway. You know who was born in a barn? Secretariat. HH Azur. Jesus. I’m just saying.

But it’s especially not an insult if your parents were some of the creative geniuses behind these beauties. HGTV brings us a collection of some of the best homes they could find which were converted into human living from livestock living. And oh, do we approve. We approve so hard, HGTV.

Stunning beamwork, massive doors, open concepts — what better bones could you really ask for, really? That and a few hundred thousand smackaroos to turn it all into luxury living, and you’re set.

Now how you’re going to convince your Quarter horses they’ve got to decide who goes on which bunk in the 1950s rambler that used to be your house? That’s another article altogether, I’m afraid.

Go Riding.

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