SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Beau Galyean

Beau Galyean and Metallic Rebel marked a 229 to win the Open at the National Cutting Horse Association Super Stakes in Fort Worth, Texas!

There’s nothing like watching a great cutting run to make your heart beat a little faster, showcasing the horse’s natural talent and instinct for reading a cow. Horses and riders “cut” (separate) a cow from the herd and block its attempts to return in order to display the horse’s ability; in a competition, combinations must cut three cows within the time allowed.

Cutting requires not only incredible athletic ability and innate cow sense from the horse, but careful craftmanship by the rider as well — competitors spend lots of time looking at the herds before a class, taking notes and making selections for which cows they feel will best showcase their horses’ abilities. What may look like a random selection is actually the culmination of hours of observation to find the best possible animals to cut.

The months of training and conditioning, hours of observation of cattle and the raw talent of a great cutting horse came together for Beau Galyean over the weekend in Fort Worth, Texas at the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Super Stakes — aboard the wickedly-talented Metallic Rebel, Galyean marked a 229.

Here’s his post-ride interview and footage from the show pen:

“Don’t force it; trust the process.” Wise words for any discipline, but certainly a particular inspiration to Galyean with Metallic Rebel!

Go cutting.

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