SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: April Fools Rewind

Another April 1 has come and gone, but that’s no reason not to appreciate a well-crafted joke into the start of a new week.

Sure, so April 1 was Saturday, which was a full two days ago — but why should we resist the opportunity to have a good laugh, especially on Monday morning when we need it the most? In case you missed SmartPak’s fun April Fools Day prank, we’ve got the video here to make you smile again.

For fans of SmartPak’s “If Horses Were People” video series (so, basically, all of us) this announcement from SmartPak may have hit close to home if you forgot the date:

Not to fear, though, fans — this was just a prank. SmartPaker Sarah is here to stay!

Replay all of your favorite “If Horses Were People” by visiting SmartPak’s dedicated IHWP page.

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