‘Oh Crap’ Monday

Enjoy our latest reader-submitted video!

Monday is already the crappiest day of the week, so it only makes sense that we make things official.

Today’s “Oh Crap” moment comes from friend of HN Stacey Chepren and her mare Klein, otherwise known as the Jumping Percheron. Stacey explains her “falling tactics” in the video description:

Here is what happens when your horse is right and you are wrong! Klein saw her distance, I was going to add. She made the decision and took it, that is what she is SUPPOSED to do! Regardless of me getting launched, she was right, and from a counter canter no less. The video stops before the end. You will notice my feet touch the ground and I immediately pull them up. I hung on and pulled my knees to my chest until she stopped, then just put my feet down and stood next to her ? If I would have let go I was worried I would have gotten a knee to the face by accident. Or she wouldn't have been able to avoid running me over if so let go. Klein always stops as fast as she can when something like this happens, and thankfully that is not often. I got right back on, came around again and nailed that line and finished the last half of our lesson strong ? #Klein #mare #percheron #drafthorse #horseofalifetime #hearthorse #oghorse #bamf #GRide #jumping #eventer #eventing #jumpingpercheronblog #failfriday #whenyourhorseisrightandyouarewrong

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That’s definitely an “oh crap” moment for sure! Fortunately, Stacey and Klein nailed this exercise as well:

And followed up this lesson with a great weekend:

Learn more about the Jumping Percheron in her Horse Nation featured story, and check out Stacey’s Jumping Percheron blog and Facebook page to become a fan.

Have an “Oh Crap” moment to share? Email your photo/video and a brief explanation of what is going down to [email protected]! Instagram users, tag your moments with #OhCrapHN (your photos need to be set to public or we won’t see them!)

Go forth and tackle your Monday, Horse Nation. Go Riding!

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