Thursday Video: 4 Versus 1

Okay, maybe “versus” is the wrong word — after all, all of us equestrians are in this thing together!

Live Oak International is a unique competition: held at the Live Oak Plantation in Ocala, Florida, the venue welcomes the best show jumpers and combined drivers each year in early March to offer a truly one-of-a-kind experience, both for competitors and spectators.

The combination of jumping and driving, of course, begs all sorts of side-by-side looks: what is like getting one show jumper ready for competition… versus preparing four driving horses?

If nothing else, this video should remind us just how cool our equestrian world can be — two high-adrenaline fast-paced sports with horses, performed in two wildly different ways!

Thanks to Live Oak International for this neat behind-the-scenes glimpse back at the barns.

Go riding and go driving!

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