Thursday Video: Epic Dancing Horse Prom-posal

How could she say no to a beautiful dancing horse and a live band?

Back in my day (well, that made me feel old) we used to ask each other out to the prom with a lot of blushing and stammering and maybe a handwritten note on a scrap of paper if we were feeling shy. These days… well, let’s just say that kids are getting a little precocious. The art of the “prom-posal” has become far more elaborate than many wedding proposals!

Case in point: this presentation. A dancing, prancing Friesian-type horse backed by live music with flowers and hand-painted signs carried by your buddies, along with what looks like most of the student body present… good thing she said yes!

(Phew, good thing they hurried up and brought that last sign out or this was about to get awkward.)

Kids these days. Also, they’re way better dancers than I’ll ever be.

Go riding!

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